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How To Use Multimeter

Basic guide to use a multimeter

A multimeter is an important testing and measurement tool used in the electrical/electronics industry.
This handy device comes in various shapes and sizes. The purpose of all is the same to measure electrical parameters. Most common parameters are Voltage(AC/DC), Current(AC/DC), Resistance, Continuity, Diode test etc. In India, the cost of multimer starts from INR200 and ends in lakhs. So the question will come to your mind, “If the purpose is same then why the price difference is huge” and the answer is the accuracy, brand value, durability, reliability, and certification, standards. In most cases where accuracy and other above parameters are not mandatory, low-cost multimeters serve the purpose. But whenever accuracy is the major criterion, you will have to pay an extra amount. For example, if an electrician is reading voltage at your home(ideal value is 230VAC) using a cheap 200rs multimeter, he won’t get an accurate voltage value, it will vary by 2/3Volts, the variation is acceptable to him because he is interested in readings instead of accuracy. These voltage variations might be unacceptable for a technical person from an electrical/electronics company, and he will use a costly and durable multimeter.

Lets explore some practical aspects of multimeter usage.

Two types of voltages are measured, AC and DC.

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